Rolling Since 2001

Handpicked farm fresh produce from the local market and the best meats at the butcher‘s counter daily.

Our story begins in San Gabriel, California when Alan Lam and Grace Li founded Luscious Dumpling in 2001. The latter of which was born and raised in Shenyang, a northern province known for their dumplings.


The word “luscious” is derived from the Chinese name of the store — 潤豐元 Run Feng Yuan, or more literally — Moist Abundant Garden. The Chinese name was chosen because it sounds pretty in Mandarin. But they decided, appropriately, that the word moist sounded weird in the context of the dumplings and opted for luscious instead.


Their daughter, Michelle Wu and her husband Ker Zhu opened the Monrovia outpost of Luscious in 2012. She was a nurse and he worked in fashion, but both dropped out of their respective careers for the world of dumplings and to join the family business. In many ways, the couple represented the new wave of Chinese restaurateurs in the San Gabriel Valley where the first generation retired and the children stepped up. The couple has been able to maintain their traditional family recipes passed down from previous generations.

Each morning around 6am, Ker and his team pick up their daily produce and head to the butcher shop to watch meat grind down into dumpling-friendly form—ensuring the highest quality meat, and not trimmings, are what you’ll be eating. The staff mixes the fillings, then kneads and rolls out the dough, and then hand folds hundreds of dumplings.


At the beginning of 2018, the couple expanded into nearby Highland Park, naming their new eatery Mason’s Dumpling Shop after their son. Mason’s is an even more casual offshoot of what is already one of greater Los Angeles’s more prolific dumpling houses. But even before Mason’s opened just a dozen or so miles from its older sibling, Ker was planning a bigger leap; he was already in talks with the City of Aurora to open a restaurant in Colorado. With help from Aurora’s Economic & Business Development unit Ker was able to find the perfect location at 9655 E Montview Aurora, CO.


The new store in Colorado will continue the tradition of hand making each dumpling from scratch every morning and bring delicious food to all the dumpling lovers throughout the Denver metro!